Monday, January 14, 2008

Doni's chicken pot pie

**** No Roll Pie Dough *****
ingredients directions

1 ½ cup flour
½ tea salt
1 tea sugar
½ cup oil
2 TBSP cold milk

Mix together in a pie shell and press on sides.

The filling...throw all this in the crust, no need to mix, it does it itself

2-3 chicken breasts diced, cooked
1 bag frozen mixed veggies (I've also used canned)
1 can cream of mushroom or chicken
1 can cream of potato (I've substituted cream of whatever ina pinch)

Put second pie crust on top.

If you are using premade frozen pie crusts, this takes about 35 mins on 350. With the homeade, you are looking at about an hour to an hour and 15mins.

Its so freakin good.