Thursday, October 11, 2007

Betty's mashed potatoes

Ok, these are simply and yummy

Ingedients: Potatoes, butter, salt and pepper- thats it

This is a LARGE recipe-
Sack of potatoes- peel or dont peel thats up to you, but Betty peeled hers, cut them up and put them in a LARGE pot to boil. Boil until soft. Drain water and place in LARGE bowl, lol
Next add butter. If you use sticks of butter its about 5-6-7 sticks of butter. If you use butter from a tub just start scooping it out. Put LOTS of pepper in too. Salt to your liking ( i dont think i even add salt). Get your potato masher and start mashing. Need more butter?? add more, need more pepper?? add more......... it's fool proof.
This size is good for Thanksgiving, church, Velasco gathering :o)
Enjoy!! we love it.
Great with meatloaf!!